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    problem with printf extention


      I wrote a opencl program on kaveri (A10-7850K).

      But I want to printf the messages in kernel when I used the type "cl_device_type_gpu" .

      I added the "#pragma OPENCL EXTENSION cl_amd_printf  : enable" in kernel code .

      It will fail to execute the program.

      But when I used cl_device_type_cpu , it worked !!!!


      clinfo shows that it could use cl_amd_printf .

      The driver version is opencl 2.0 driver and sdk version is 3.0.



        • Re: problem with printf extention
          It will fail to execute the program.

          What type of failure? Doesn't print anything or prints wrong result? Or some other error?

          Currently, I don't think cl_amd_printf extension is required any more. It was introduced for earlier drivers.


          AFAIK, printf works fine with latest driver and APP SDK. However, as I checked some time ago, there was an issue particularly for OpenCL 2.0 kernel build. If your issue still persists, please provide the test code and mention your setup details.