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programmatically emulate EDID with W9000 and Ubuntu 12.04

Question asked by on May 4, 2015
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We ship an appliance with an AMD W9000 card running Ubuntu 12.04 and the latest 14.301 driver. We'd like to emulate EDIDs to avoid repeated hotplug (HPD) events from causing driver or kernel badness. Since it's an appliance, users do not have access to amdcccle.


We want to build a simple UI with one button that automatically grabs the EDIDs from the currently connected monitors and enables EDID emulation.


Is this possible to do on Ubuntu 12.04? The AMDEdidUtility only works on Ubuntu 13, which is not an option at this stage. We'll be happy to write a script to do whatever is required if you can give us some pointers.