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Beginner in C++ and Hardware issues

Question asked by joddys on May 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by pinform


I've always been a Java/C# developer (for simple tasks).

As I'm trying to extend my knowledge, I'd like to get in the world of C++ programming, and it seems harder than it looks.

My goal is to learn about low-level programming, like graphics.  But there are so much APIs that the web is taking me nowhere.


1. I'm focused on Windows. Should I use Visual C++ and .NET?

2. What's the difference in buying Intel's compiler or using AMD one?  What exactly the differences if I'll be using WinAPI functions?

3. What's the relation between OpenGL and OpenCL?  Should I focus on the first?  At the moment, Blender3D doesn't have a ggod support for AMD graphics boards.  Is it clever to focus on nVidia's?

4. Does it worth learning C++ over Java/C#?