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AMD firepro w8100 V 5900 OpenCL 2.0 driver

Question asked by shady19406 on May 2, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by pinform

After installing my new Firepro w8100 and V5900, I went to AMD website to auto detect the best driver for both of my cards, and it gave me the 14.502.1019.0 driver to install which said it has OpenCl runtime. After installing the driver, when I try to render on my GPU cards using Vray RT 3.0 which has an OpenCL render option switch, see (capture 1),   the Vray screen detects the OpenCl hardware which is my w8100 with the Hawaii chip and my V5900 with the Cayman chip  and my CPU Fx8350. Rendering on my GPU cards keeps failing compiling OpenCl Kernels, and keeps falling back on my cpu only see (capture 2) Vray Screen log. I don't have the SDK APP 3.0 intalled yet cause am afraid to install it since I have no programing knowledge and don't know what is it supposed to do. please anyone can give me some direction of what needs to be done in order to utilize both GPU cards in rendering on Vray RT. Thank you.Capture 1.jpgCapture 2.jpg