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    AMD OpenCL full driver compilation options



      Is there a place with all AMD OpenCL compilation flags ?


      I am searching for stuff like max-register-usage, fast-math, enable-compilation-time-expensive-optimizations, dont-be-ieee-compatible, -05, all-global-pointers-are-restrict ...


      If not driver options, is there a way to do something like those stuff that I mentioned above ?



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          As far as I can recall max-register-usage has been in the works for quite a while. It doesn't exist yet.

          I'm not sure what the others do but there are some ieee unsafe optimizations in CL specs (such as -cl-unsafe-math-optimizations) I assume that's still not enough for you.

          Others are interesting. I would be more interested in providing the compiler some profiler-derived hints such as "this kernel has been observed to be bigger than ISA size" / "to overspill" etc.

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