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Problems with ACML on Arch Linux

Question asked by gomerofdoom on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2015 by gomerofdoom

Hello all,


I'm new to the forums, and relatively new to OpenCL and ACML. I'm really hoping someone can help me, as I'm quite stumped.


Several months ago, I had a (relatively simple) C++ code working with a few ACML routines (LAPACK routines dgtrf and dgtri, and BLAS routine dgemm).


Unfortunately, I can't remember what exact version of ACML I was using at that point, but pretty sure it was at least 6.0. I was also using Arch Linux with the catalyst drivers (again, can't remember what version).


Fast-forward to today. I just finished a clean install of Arch Linux, and everything seemed to be working, but when I try to run my code, it hangs on the call to dgtri.


I've done some digging around, and have also found that running "make" in the example directories of ACML (either the gfortran64 or gfortran64_mp) causes a hang, too. I.e. when I run "make" in the example directory of gfortran64, I get the following output:


Compiling program acmlinfo.f:

gfortran -c  acmlinfo.f -o acmlinfo.o

Linking program acmlinfo.exe:

gfortran  acmlinfo.o  -L ../lib -lrt -ldl -lstdc++ -lacml -o acmlinfo.exe

Running program acmlinfo.exe:

(export LD_LIBRARY_PATH='../lib:/home/gomer/local/acml/gfortran64/lib'; ./acmlinfo.exe > acmlinfo.res 2>&1)

ACML (AMD Core Math Library) version  (Mon Nov 17 14:47:24 CST 2014)

Copyright AMD,NAG 2014

Build system: Linux 3.0.76-0.11-default x86_64 acml-build-lin2

Built using Fortran compiler: GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.7.1

   with flags:  -ffixed-line-length-132 -Wall -W -Wno-unused -Wno-unused-dummy-argument -Wno-conversion -Wno-uninitialized -fPIC -fno-second-underscore -fimplicit-none -DUSE_ACMLMALLOCFAST -m64 -DIS_64BIT -msse2 -O3

and C compiler: gcc (GCC) 4.7.1

   with flags:  -W -Wno-unused-parameter -Wstrict-prototypes -Wwrite-strings -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_ISOC99_SOURCE -fPIC  -DUSE_ACMLMALLOCFAST -m64 -DIS_64BIT -mstackrealign -msse2 -O3


Compiling program sgetrf_example.f:

gfortran -c  sgetrf_example.f -o sgetrf_example.o

Linking program sgetrf_example.exe:

gfortran  sgetrf_example.o  -L ../lib -lrt -ldl -lstdc++ -lacml -o sgetrf_example.exe

Running program sgetrf_example.exe:

(export LD_LIBRARY_PATH='../lib:/home/gomer/local/acml/gfortran64/lib'; ./sgetrf_example.exe > sgetrf_example.res 2>&1)


At that point, the program seems to get stuck doing nothing.


This is the same sort of behavior I see with my own code. The interesting thing is that in my own code, the call to dgtrf successfully completes, but the subsequent call to dgtri is where the code hangs.


The code compiles fine, and I'm not seeing any errors... it just seems to get stuck.


The last thing that may be worth noting: if I boot up to the command line (no X), and try to run the program, I get "Error. No root privileges. Check with your system admin." But, I can't seem to figure out WHERE that error is coming from.


I'm not really sure where to start trying to fix this. Any and all help is greatly appreciated... trying to get my code back up and running for my dissertation research!!