HEADS UP: Forum Upgrade Coming

Discussion created by jtrudeau on Apr 23, 2015



We are upgrading the forum software to a new version. This should happen the weekend of May 16, if all goes according to plan. So, about three weeks from now. I'll alert you of the precise dates when it happens. The forum will be down for a day or two during the migration.


There will be some changes as a result, and we'll try to make them as transparent/painless as possible. All developer accounts on the forum and all content will migrate. There should be no loss of signal, no need to register, no change of passwords.


Here are the most significant changes.


URL Change

There will be a URL change. Existing bookmarks should redirect automatically to a reasonable place, but may not be perfect (e.g. if you have a bookmark into a particular forum, you may end up on the DevGurus home page instead. Once you get to the DevGurus location you want, update your bookmark to point to the new URL.


We will be part of community.amd.com, a new and comprehensive AMD community for consumers, partners, and developers. There isn't much at that URL right now. DevGurus will be a sub-community within this space. But very little changes within DevGurus.


Moderation mostly goes away

New users of the developer forum will only be able to post in a single forum named "Newcomers Start Here." This forum will be moderated to protect you from spam. Real developers will be added to a "trusted" list (in effect, whitelisted). Trusted developers will be able to post in any of our developer forums without moderation. My goal is to have everyone already on the forum whitelisted, but I might miss someone. After the migration, if you discover you can't post, please put your post in the Newcomers Start Here forum. We'll add you to the trusted list. And accept my apologies for missing you ahead of time.


Forum Hierarchy

Two small changes.

1: The old About the Forum forum will be renamed DevGurus and will be the top level forum. All "real" forums will be subforums to DevGurus. DevGurus is where we will have introductory material, help information, and so on. It makes sense to have that at the top.


2: Three library forums will be consolidated into one: clMath, Bolt, and ACML. The new one will be "AMD Compute Libraries." No content will be lost.


Better Experience

Please ask any questions about how this will work, and provide suggestions for improvement ahead of time in this discussion. Once we settle into our new home, I want to start expanding the functionality of the community as a whole, add new content types and technical areas, and encourage participation. Your ideas are always most welcome.