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How to run Linpack on W9100 with intel ivy-bridge CPUs

Question asked by kuanli on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by jtrudeau

Hi, all,

Currently I am trying to run Linpack on AMD Firepro W9100 card. The hardware specifications are listed below:

  • CPU: two 12-core Ivy Bridge CPUs(2.2GHz)
  • Mem: 128G
  • PCIE Gen3
  • AMD Firepro W9100 card.


First, AMD APP SDK(AMD-APP-SDK-linux-v2.9-1.599.381-GA-x64.tar.bz2) and catalyst (14.301.1019) are all installed.


"clinfo" can output correct results, the GPU is found.


after "startx&"  and "export COMPUTE=:0 ; export DISPLAY=:0",  command "aticonfig --odgc" could function normally.


Howerver, the OpenCL samples (we care about MatMulDouble) could only achieve about 80GFlops, which is far less than the expected performance of W9100.


When trying to compile HPL-GPU, the caldgemm (git:// benchmark "dgemm_bench" always say "No GPU found" unless "-O 1" option was set, which indicated OpenCL backend is used.


Can anybody help me run linpack on AMD w9100. Thanks a lot for any suggestions.


Kuan Li