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    Out of order queues


      I've turned on out of order queues on my project running on HD 7700.

      This significantly improves performance, I highly recommend it!

      Only caveat is that you have to manage kernel sequence yourself, using events.


      My question: which AMD cards support out of order queues?  Also, is this feature purely on

      the driver side, or is there silicon required to support it? 



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          Out of order queues device-side queues is part of the OpenCL standard since 1.0. Every GPU should support it AFAIK. For host-side it depends on the implementation. I know of one device that does not! Altera clearly states in its programming guide that its runtime does not support such queues.

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              As per OpenCL spec, supporting out-of-order queue is not a mandatory feature. So, I guess, if you pass the out-of-order flag during command queue creation, the implementation may ignore this flag if out-of-order is not supported by the platform.

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              AFAIK, out-of-order host-side queues are not currently supported on AMD platform, but out-of-order device-side queues are supported. However, certain devices have hardware support which can simultaneously handle multiple commands from multiple queues. Hence, they can provide a significant performance boost if many independent tasks are enqueued concurrently to the device via multiple opencl queues.

              Anyway, as you mentioned, you can see a performance improvement if you turns on the out-of-order mode. Its really interesting. Could you please be more explicit about the commands you enqueued and how? Meanwhile I'll check with some experienced folks for more details.