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Ugly tearing effect in video recorded with VCEDEM

Question asked by 5yntax on Apr 15, 2015

Tearing Effect.jpg

     Motion Problem : The above picture is from a video where i am moving the window with the mouse.





i have a product, which uses VCEDEM, which i will release to market soon. When i went for fine tuning and cleaning up my app i found that the recorded videos have a tearing effect. So i began to try out all possible encoder settings, but nothing worked so far. My thoughts are that this effect is maybe caused by one of the following issues :


1. Motion Detection

2. Interlace problem

3. Buffer allocation and passing


Well i think we can eliminate the 3rd point here as i am copying from the DEM-Buffer to an IMFMediaBuffer which is then sent to an asynchrounous working MFT, means the IMFSample which has the pointer to the IMFMediaBuffer is laying in a queue. To me it looks like a Motion Detection problem. Are there any known problems of tearing in H.264 video, especialy in VCE and DEM ? What settings i have to use ?