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glMultiDrawElementsIndirect() system hangs

Question asked by cybernoid on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by cybernoid

With the latest beta driver 15.4 on a Radeon 5870 powered laptop I have experienced system hangs consistently when drawing a zero count number of elements.  I have had quite a few system hangs and strange behaviour around related functionality since a few driver versions ago in fact which has made it difficult to track down the different cases - with the zero count elements being the only one I have managed to pin down.  In a few cases I have found I have made mistakes but in others I am not convinced I was in error and of course a full system hang is a pretty awful result regardless in gl debug mode.


Testing the same applications on an IntelHD 4000 seems to have no issues though.  I'm not convinced I haven't done something wrong still though, but I wondered before I dig even deeper, if there were any current known issues around glMultiDrawElementsIndirect() functionality with the latest drivers on the Radeon 5870?





One particular problem I have been seeing now is that missing commands seem to randomly occur.  This goes away if I replace the glMultiDrawElementsIndirect()  with multiple glDrawElementsInstancedBaseVertexBaseInstance() calls....


The problem also seems to go away if I issue a glMultiDrawElementsIndirect() for single elements within the buffer rather than all at once?  There are no errors or warnings from the debug context.