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    AMD and Thermal Design Power


      Can we run a processor AMD of 220 watts of TDP (Thermal Design Power) on a motherboard Asus of which the maximum TDP is 140 watts without risks for both of the components?  Thank you for your help.

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          Hmmmm, a hardware question. I will look for someone here who may provide insight. In the meantime, anyone in the community have any design insight here?


          I would imagine you will not get a definitive yes - I assume there would be dependencies on the housing, cooling, and the resilience of the Asus motherboard. But I'm hoping we can either give you clues or perhaps a definitive no.


          Not my world.

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            I did locate a resource with some ideas.

            "... check the official CPU support list for the MB. If the FX-9370/9590 are not listed, it will not operate correctly. For a current list of motherboards that support the AMD FX-9000 series please check PCPartpicker (URL). Additionally, our system guidelines for FX specify that a chassis fan in positioned near the CPU socket to ensure airflow over the power circuitry and northbridge chipset. An aftermarket cooling solution should be used and not the AMD heatsink/fan supplied with 125W FX processors; we bundle the Cooler Master Seidon 120XL with the FX-9000 series which work well."

            I hope this helps.

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