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    What is the fps to decode H264 in the W600?




      I was running "SimpleDecoder" which provided by install AMD SDK.


      W600 is installed on the PC, when I decode H264 stream to BGRA, decode per frame was 53.8323ms.


      So, fps is 18.5762.


      I think this result is weird, So slow.


      Please give me fps of decoding to BGRA.


      And can i decoding h264 stream to RGBA?


      I was setting




      ,but it was not running.


      Please give me some info of these question.


      Thank you.




      My PC System info :

      CPU : Xeon X5690

      RAM : 32GB

      GPU : W600

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          The supported H.264 decode FPS on W600 dGPU is 1080p @ 60FPS.  But this is with NV12 output and no color conversion.


          Regarding Color conversion to other formats we have the simpleConverter sample.  We do support conversion from NV12 to BGRA & RGBA formats.


          I would recommend this: Could you execute the simpleDecoder sample with color format set to static amf::AMF_SURFACE_FORMAT formatOut    = amf::AMF_SURFACE_NV12; And share the FPS numbers?


          If you set the output format to BGRA or RGBA, then an internal convert call is used to convert NV12 generated decoder output to the desired color format. And on using the internal converter, there is limit related to target memory type, such as: If memory type DX9: then supported color conversion formats - NV12, BGRA, If DX11 : then supported color conversion formats - NV12, BGRA,RGBA.


          I believe you must have set the memory type to DX9, hence RGBA conversion was not working. Also, the color conversion shouldn't take much time.  We did find an issue in our converter wherein it was using the CPU for Color Conversion than the GPU.


          Attaching the updated libraries and DLLs.  Request to kindly update them in your code and then re-run decode performance by setting output format to For DX9 static amf::AMF_SURFACE_FORMAT formatOut    = amf::AMF_SURFACE_BGRA; For DX11 static amf::AMF_SURFACE_FORMAT formatOut    = amf::AMF_SURFACE_BGRA; static amf::AMF_SURFACE_FORMAT formatOut    = amf::AMF_SURFACE_RGBA;


          And once you have updated the dlls and libs, could you re-run and share the performance numbers?


          Let us know if you need any additional information.