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      I am currently benchmarking HSA configuration compared to Catalyst drivers with SHOC. I can't see any visible differences in terms of computation speed for both configurations on A10-7850K... Why? I thought that HSA could bring some gain? I cant see where I am wrong.


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          The SHOC benchmark is an OpenCL application, and is written to take advantage of GPU hardware directly. HSA is an architecture designed to allow direct access to GPU hardware, but that greatly simplifies programmatic access when compared to higher level programming models, like OpenCL. This is especially true for memory access operations on the host and in kernels due to the coherent memory model of HSA. It is a common misunderstanding that HSA will "make things go faster" than OpenCL for every workload. It is true the HSA should provide performance gains over OpenCL for some workloads, but that is not the primary goal of HSA. Both programming models take advantage of the compute power of the GPU, and the SHOC samples were specifically written to exhibit the capabilities of OpenCL; it is not surprising that performance will be comparable.