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    Shader Analyzer A/B diff




      I'm finding shader analyzer to be extremely useful, but I'm missing a feature to allow to write two versions of the same code, and have the tool diff the assembly count, vgpr, etc. This is a large workflow improvement feature, right now I've to keep two windows open and constantly search for differences myself (or bring the asm into a diff tool). Other similar tools do this, and it is really really handy



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          Thanks! I will ensure that the GPU PerfStudio team sees this feature request. I can't speak for any particular team, but personally, I LOVE this kind of input. To me there is nothing more useful than the real experience of an actual developer. (And yes, I have done software marketing, among many other things in my career.)



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              Following up on this, the ideal way I see to implement this is having a single code editor, and being able to compile it twice with different set of defines (set via two edit boxes, like the "Entry Point" one).


              So, for example, you write something like this in the single code editor:


              #if OPTIMIZATION_TEST




              Then you leave the first define edit box empty, and the second one is set to "-DOPTIMIZATION_TEST=1". Then you have two windows for asm, one for the first set of defines, and other for the second one, and the differences highlighted. I think this is the ideal workflow.


              Just wanted to share some thoughts about this, I understand it is a lot of work, but it would certainly make a very useful tool even more useful Right now I just copy paste code from the ShaderAnalyzer into a diff editor, which gets the job done but it is not the ideal (workflow wise).

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              Thanks Jorge - I'll point the engineers at this feedback.

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                Thanks for the great suggestion.  We've added it to our TODO list.