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DirectGMA newbie question

Question asked by phoenix on Mar 18, 2015
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We have a new project on the run , and we need to input a huge image ( about 140Mbytes) from an outside source to a GPU , number-crunch it, and then download an array of numbers ( much smaller than the original image ) to the PC we work at.

The first solution would be to take a frame- grabber which can cope with such an image. The issue with the frame grabber is that it has a memory of its own , thus we copy the image to the frame grabber's memory , and then again , to the GPU's memory . We are trying to cut the chain of memory copying and make the process much more efficient. Heaving done that , we happened to view the "DirectGMA" technique , which seems very appealing .

My questions are thus :

1. is is indeed possible ? ( one magical SDI Card I don't even know to receive some kind of a fast serial data protocol and one FirePRo GPU) ?

2. I saw some API interface being exposed and yet , too many details are hiding beneith the surface

3. Is there some NDA We need to sign , in order to evaluate this technology ?


Thank you .