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OpenCL, ACML and APP ADK R packages compiled for Windows 64

Question asked by thedrewfromou on Mar 15, 2015

Hi Everyone,


I am wondering if anyone knows about OpenCL, ACML or APP ADK packages for the statistical program R, that are already compiled for 64bit Windows 7 and/or 8?  I spoke with several knowledgeable people that tried to do this for some of the various other platforms. None of them had any success. Since their programming skills are better than mine, I'm not inclined to try to do this for myself. For some of the projects I am working on, I could definitely use GPU, ACML and Parallel Programming packages that will work with AMD R9 290X or FirePro video cards and possibly Xeon Phi coprocessors. My preference is to use a pair, or more R9-290X video cards with my FX9590 processor.


Most of the GPU packages available for R use Linux and Cuda cores. It would be nice if someone was able to use GPUs, ACML and Parallel programming with WIndows in R. I'm willing to bet that someone that could come up with such a package(s) could sell it for quite a bit. I have found some companies that are willing to sell me their packages that do this for thousands of dollars a year. I can't afford that.