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    TressFX port on OpenGL, sync issues in Release Mode : catalyst bug ?




      I'm trying to port TressFX 2.2 on OpenGL. The code is available on github :


      It requires OpenGL 4.3. So far the rendering part is complete except for shadows, and simulation doesnt support Hair guide yet.


      However I'm having a strange issue, on Windows 8.1 64b with VS 2013 on R9 290X and Catalyst 14.12. In Debug mode everything always works fine, my code

      display ruby's hair rotating for a couple of second and then stopping (to check that simulation works as intended).

      But in Release mode sometimes (ie once every 2 or 3 run) the simulation seems to be partly skipped : only a couple of strands are moved, sometimes

      the strands "warp" even with stable framerate...


      If I disable simulation I'm getting a black screen in Release Mode (while in Debug Mode I get correct frame). Since it looks like a sync issue I'm over synchronising

      everything but it doesnt help.
      I've tried to narrow things a bit further, it looks like the first rendering pass doesnt get the correct vertex position (they are manually read from an SSBO, like DX11

      sample does).


      Is there a difference in the way Catalyst enforce sync in debug and release mode ?

      Regards, Vincent.