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    CL Buffers unavailable



      I started using CodeXL only recently and still have some trouble in making it do what I want.

      The debugger shows the value of stack variables but so far I could not find any possiblity to show the memory located at an arbitrary address.

      Apparently there is supposed to be the option to show the contents of the buffers passed to the function but I always get the error message "Object is currently unavailable".

      This happens with every project, even the Teapot example, and I am confused whether this is a bug or I am doing something wrong.

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          Hi Alol,

          The message "Object is currently unavailable" is displayed while the debugger is performing kernel debugging, i.e. while you're stepping through the source code of an OpenCL kernel.

          To view the content of buffers you need to pause execution while not debugging a kernel. This can be done in several ways. The 2 most simple ways are:

          • Remove all breakpoints and while the program is executing, click the Break toolbar button or Debug->Break menu command (F6 keyboard shortcut).
          • Add a breakpoint at an API call from the Add/Remove Breakpoints dialog (ALT+SHIFT+B). Execution will pause just before the selected API is called.