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ACMLScript no showing on visual studio 2010

Question asked by tangjinchuan on Mar 7, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2015 by tangjinchuan

Dear engineers from AMD,

           I was using the ACML6 with it++, and when i try to modify the lua script in resources file like the videos showed in ACMLScript: How to choose the device (Part 2 of 3) - YouTube. It does not show any sign of running the script from Windows command lines. I checked the source code of It ++ . It calls the blas funtion like dgemm_ while doing matrix multiplications. But I did not find the output that shows the lua scripting information while executing my code. How can i resolve the problem?


#if defined(HAVE_BLAS)


mat operator*(const mat &m1, const mat &m2)


  it_assert_debug(m1.cols() == m2.rows(), "mat::operator*(): Wrong sizes");

  int m1_r = m1.rows(); int m1_c = m1.cols();

  int m2_r = m2.rows(); int m2_c = m2.cols();

  mat r(m1_r, m2_c);

  double alpha = 1.0;

  double beta = 0.0;

  char trans = 'n';

  blas::dgemm_(&trans, &trans, &m1_r, &m2_c, &m1_c, &alpha,

               m1._data(), &m1_r, m2._data(), &m2_r, &beta, r._data(),


  return r;


Any help is appreciated.


Best wishes,