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CodeXL export menu items do not work?

Question asked by gpgpucoder on Mar 6, 2015
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There's a File->Export menu selection, and sub-menu items that are always greyed out. Anything I have tried; application timeline, gpu performance ounters, cpu profiling with time sampling, all are greyed out. I've uninstalled & re-installed this app. It's version: 1.6.7249.0.  I also see that I cannot do it using context menu when I drill down, either. My recollection is this sort of thing used to work with CodeXL, but my memory is not specific about the details at this moment. Got same issue on two different machines.


Known issue? I did not see anything about such problems in the release notes. Is export functionality deprecated? I've been able to find .csv files deep down in the AppData. Is this what I'm supposed to be doing, and just forget about file export menu? I want to roll up the data into excel spreadsheets.  So far I can select-all and copy into a spreadsheet, and that seems ok, though the main system I'm profiling on does not presently have a spreadsheet program installed.


The help file was not helpful on this matter, though I was glad to see it was enabled, as I couldn't see any help on the previous version on my Win8.1 machine.