GPU Compute Cloud Services

Discussion created by matusi143 on Mar 2, 2015
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Hello everyone,


I wanted to open a conversation and get some feedback on the seeming unavailability of a compute cloud featuring AMD GPUs.  I have been working on an OpenCL project for over a year now and all the development has been done on my own Radeons.  When I went to look for a public host, I was unable to find one.  nVIDIA has a nice list on their website (GPU Cloud Computing Service Providers | NVIDIA) but following those links resulted in finding they were nVIDIA only shops.  Because this code is intended to be used for free, I can't afford to stand up and maintain a number of servers.   I was hoping to find a solid 'cloud' host featuring high performance AMD FirePro S class GPUs for a reasonable rate.  Ideally less than $100 USD a month for a nominal amount of usage; which represents the maximum amount of money I'd pay give away free software :-)  Unfortunately, it seems I will have to either run the OpenCL code in CPU only mode or hope that nVIDIA's OpenCL 1.2 support is complete on the ~2 year old GRID GPUs everyone seems to be offering with their service.  Honestly, it boggles my mind given the raw compute advantage of Radeon/FirePro that there isn't an AMD cloud system.  Which is why I am writing this, in hopes that someone, somewhere knows of a reasonable and reliable AMD based GPU Compute Cloud where I can host my web service.