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    ADL and enumeration for 8 GPUs


      I am trying to code an application to get the load/temperature/memusage of about 8 gpu's simultaneously on a single screen; please let me know if there is a tool that does it already as i don't want to reinvent the wheel. I got 4 295x2 working with the driver but i think 3-4 of the GPUs are disabled in crossfire (that's ok because these are being used for opencl and I am able to use all GPUs for opencl).


      I modified the ADL_sample that comes with the ADL SDK 7.0 to print information about the adapters. I can enumerate i think 4 of the GPUs but i cannot seem to query the other 4.




      Is there a way to enumerate all the adapters?

      BTW, is there any way  to enumerate just the GPUs (and get things like load/temperature/memusage) and not going via the adapter list?


      thanks for reading.

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          Hi Titanius,

          As per your screenshot, you have enumerated all the GPUs. pl. check bus numbers (8 unique numbers are there). Each GPU have it own Bus number.

          I hope your question is why temperature is 0 for slave adapters in CF. This is expected as driver doesn't return temperature value for slave Adapters.


          In general, ADL based on the Adapter Index not an GPU. Adapters that are related to same GPU will have same bus number.