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Does crossfire pro exist?

Question asked by o_and_n on Feb 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2015 by o_and_n

I have asked multiple times autodesk if their software and mainly autodesk maya if it works/takes advantage of crossfire pro but they dont know...The only thing they told me is to ask amd since they make the drivers.I see that firepro support autodesk producs but the question is do they support the crossfire advantage?Amd have only made ONE video from 2009 that shows crossfire pro in maya and havent told anything since than.

CrossFire Pro using two FirePro V5700 in Maya - SIGGRAPH 2009 - YouTube


I have emailed amd support asking about this but every time they copy/paste some ready text that doesnt even come close to my question.If there is a proffesional here  from AMD can he tell me if this works or not.

And if possible to have a answer soon.My last thread was 6 months ago and never got a reply.