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    'SimpleDecoder' result came out weird




      I was running 'SimpleDecoder' which provided by sample when i install Media SDK.


      This project is decode h264 file to yuv(NV12).


      But the result of decoded file(yuv) is weird.


      This is input h264 file which located in "C:\Users\N1\AMD Media SDK\1.1\data". File name is "HSA_1280x720.h264".


      And this is decoded yuv file. Output file name is "output_1280x720.nv12".



      A close-up look at the resulting image can be confirmed that the color difference from the original image and the blocking effect on image.


      I didn't touch any codes, just running the project.


      Why the result is weird? Is this the result of a normal decoding result ?


      Please give me the comment.


      Thank you

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          At our end when we run the sample we see almost identical outputs.



          Attaching snapshots of BEFORE and AFTER decoding the same input file.


          INPUT H.264 Content



          Output NV12 Decoded



          1. What is the Platform, OS and Driver version that you are using?

          2. What is the tool you are using to view the input?  We use Elecard Stream Eye View at our end.

          3. What is the tool you are using to view the decoded NV12 output?  We use YUV Player (http://sourceforge.net/projects/raw-yuvplayer/?source=typ_redirect) at our end.



          Look forward to hear from you.




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              Thank you for your answer.



              My  PC system info is

              OS : Windows 7, 64bit

              CPU : i5-2400

              GPU : AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series, Driver version :  14.501.1003.0



              My h264( input) viewer tool is "daumplayer".

              And I also has Elecard Stream Eye View too, so I can check input stream same as you.




              My YUV(output) viewer tool is "YUV Player Deluxe" which i downloaded by google search.

              Then, I checked "YUV Player" which you linked site, but blocking effect still visible.


              My another query is

              I was run another stream , the other stream only Y values out , the color values was not appear but represented blocking effect .

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                  So the difference between yours and our behavior is the blockiness effect.


                  Driver, OS versions are good.


                  But the difference here is that you are using an NI architecture AMD platform.


                  As mentioned in the release notes, AMF is supported on SI and above architectures.  This could be the reason for the blockiness.


                  We would suggest you please perform the tests on SI and above architecture platforms.


                  Please do let us know if you have any further clarifications. 



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                      Thank you.


                      I did not check color format at YUV player.


                      So, i get expected result.


                      Thanks a lot.


                      But, I don't understand your words of "NI architecture AMD platform & SI".


                      Is this mean the graphic card has their own architecture?


                      And "Radeon HD 6900 series" is "NI architecture AMD platform"?


                      Where can i info of these things?


                      Then, i was running this project on another PC which equipped "W600".


                      But still has blocking effect and color different.


                      You will be attached to a test result to the other input stream to make them easy to find out .


                      This is h264 stream. The player is "Daumplayer".


                      This is output of upper stream. The player is "YUV Player Deluxe".

                      smaller file size_1920x1080_290_AMD.png


                      Please see the results and give me an answer.


                      Thank you.

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                          Glad you figured it out.


                          For the remaining question...


                          NI and SI are actually internal code name acronyms. Sorry for the confusion.

                          SI = Southern Islands

                          NI = Northern Islands.


                          You can get a good bit of "decoder ring" information on AMD architectures here on Wikipedia: List of AMD graphics processing units.


                          ALSO: would you please mark the "correct" and helpful answers in this topic, for the benefit of those who come after. THANKS!

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