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    Where can I find the source code to decode h264 where in 'SimpleDecoder' project?




      I was running 'SimpleDecoder' which provided sample when i installed Media SDK. (Full path of project : C:\Users\N1\AMD Media SDK\1.1\samples\amf\simpleDecoder)


      I want to debugging this project, but i can't access the real decoding codes. It seems that is defined in the dll.


      Line 180 in SimpleDecoder.cpp -> res = decoder->SubmitInput(data);


      This line is considered to be part of putting a value on the decoder.


      Is this correct?


      So what I want to develop a decoded using this code , right?


      Then, only by using this code will immediately decode the h264 in UVD?


      Please give me an answer.


      Thank you.

        • Re: Where can I find the source code to decode h264 where in 'SimpleDecoder' project?

          An engineer passed on an answer to me, which is as I suspect. The actual codec source code is not available.


          As part of the MediaSDK 1.1 release, we have released AMF APIs, Header Files and Sample code using these APIs.  The definition of the APIs are in the associated DLLs.  And the source code of the DLLs is not shared.


          You are right.  Input is fed to the decoder using the SubmitInput API and output is read from the decoder using the QueryOutput API.  For more details on the functionality please refer to the sample document simpleDecoder\docs\MediaSDK_AMF_simpleDecoder.pdf and also the AMF API reference manual AMD Media SDK\1.1\docs\amf\MediaSDK_AMF_ReferenceManual.pdf


          Yes, SimpleDecoder is a sample code to show how UVD Hardware on AMD platform can be used to offload H.264 video decoding.  So if you have your application with a decode call -- internally in that call, AMF APIs to offload video decoding on the UVD can be achieved.