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Where can I find the source code to decode h264 where in 'SimpleDecoder' project?

Question asked by soo on Feb 25, 2015
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I was running 'SimpleDecoder' which provided sample when i installed Media SDK. (Full path of project : C:\Users\N1\AMD Media SDK\1.1\samples\amf\simpleDecoder)


I want to debugging this project, but i can't access the real decoding codes. It seems that is defined in the dll.


Line 180 in SimpleDecoder.cpp -> res = decoder->SubmitInput(data);


This line is considered to be part of putting a value on the decoder.


Is this correct?


So what I want to develop a decoded using this code , right?


Then, only by using this code will immediately decode the h264 in UVD?


Please give me an answer.


Thank you.