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      It seems that AMD 5k-6k series cards doesn't support GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters with latest Omega driver.

      The error is: Extension GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters is not supported on this card.


      Is there any chance that that extension will be supported or there's a hardware trouble? I really want to use that feature.


      Thanks for reply.

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          Check out this very useful resource: http://opengl.delphigl.de/

          It’s a huge database of which cards support which extensions across all vendors. You can check for a specific extension and see which products support it, and you can click on specific products and see what extensions they support. It’s data gathered from real end-user machines, so it takes into consideration the lag with which users pick up new drivers

          The answer in this case is...

          No. It is unsupported on Radeon 5xxx or 6xxx cards. There is no chance it will be supported because it requires GCN hardware.