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    serious display error


      Hi all,



      Here is my system specs:


      mobo: asus P9X79

      cpu; intel 3930K (water cooled corsair 100i)

      ram 32g corsair dominator (1800)

      GPU 1: w8000 firepro

      driver: 13.352.1014

      Drives two monitors

      GPU 2: nvidia titan black

      driver: 347

      Does not drives monitors, it is used only for  simulations

      PSU; 1000w Silver stone strider plus

      I got 5 fans, noctua.

      The tempertue at basic operation:

      mobo: 35 c

      cpu: 43 c

      Under stress:

      mobo: 39-44

      cpu: 59-66

      The CPU overclocked to 4100mzh

      win 7: latest update

      I do a lot of 3d and video editing, that s why I need those cards.

      Lately I am having random errors from my W8000. I have to emphasize that, it happened time to time even before I started to use the Nvidia card as a 2nd card for simulations.


      I have 2 monitors. One plugged into the first display port slot on the w8000 card and the 2nd monitor is plugged into the second display port slot  also on the W8000 card.

      I does not really matter what I do, it is very random, the monitor that is plugged into the second slot and it is the main desktop, switches off, goes black. Sometimes I am lucky and got a win system message that says something like: the system recovered from a serious display error.

      If I am not lucky then it switches off. What I tried is that I pulled out the blank monitor and plugged it into an another display port slot on the w8000 card and it always works.

      I also tried to install the latest driver but it was even worst, made C4D crash all the time, plus did not fix that display error problem.

      I have this problem with the w8000 probably from the beginning, when I used to have only one monitor. The same problem occurred, but not as frequently as lately. It made me worry to be honest.

      Do you have any suggestion what could be the problem? Is there anyway to monitor the GPU temperature if it matter at all?

      Thank you!


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          This really isn't a software issue. I'd recommend contacting the customer care team.


          Global Technical Support


          You can review support resources, or create a support ticket.



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              Thank you for the respond.


              You are correct it was not a software issue, it was a cable issue. I changed the cable and since then, which is almost 2 month now, I have not experienced the problem.


              Speaking of problems, there might be a software related issue.


              Recently I am experiencing the blue screen when I watch videos on Vimeo. Strangely not on youtube r any other site or player, only with the vimeo player.


              I attached an image of the blue screen that might help us.



              screen today.jpg


              Perhaps a week ago?


              week ago.jpg

              What do you think?