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    how to i run "screenCapture" project?




      I want to run "screenCatpure" project which provided by Media SDK sample DEM.


      This project's document suggest 'how to run => screenCapture.exe -o <output> -c <configFile> -l <0,1, or 2>"


      So, I was setting command line like this.


      "-o output.h264 -c ..\..\config\exampleConfig.cfg -l 2"


      Do i has wrong in command line?


      Please give me a tip or to do.





      This picture is result of Running Project. Thank You.






      Thank you~

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          The command line looks good.  But as the name of the output you could remove the extension .h264 since the sample internally appends .h264 to output file name.



          The error message "Display acquiring failed on device" occurs when the device is not available.



          Could you confirm on which platform you are executing this sample?



          Please give details such as:

          Device, Device ID, Driver version, OS



          Also could you kindly run the 'Capability Manager" sample and share the logs with us?