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    OpenSource OpenCL Prediction Application


      Hello All,

      While I was studying Andrew NG machine learning course I have implemented a prediction application.


      buraksarac/NeuralNetwork · GitHub


      It has support for multithread and takes lots of parameter. Since I have sapphire toxic r9 280x I have also implemented OpenCL version here:




      Most of code I have copied from AMD examples and created kernel source from multithreaded version of application. I wouldnt say perfectly coded as its my one of first C application but works faster than CPU version for small datasets (i.e. input has 400 column and 5000 row)  I will be glad if you can share your feedback so I can improve things there. I have commited some validation exception handling future scaling support for CPU version but first I wanted to see your comments if its worth it to give support OpenCL version.


      Thank you