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Disrepancy between CPU Frequency reported by CodeXL 1.6.7247 and dmidecode

Question asked by zhongliangong on Feb 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by rajeebbarman

When running reference xhpl (LINPACK) benchmark, the CodeXL power profiler displays the CPU frequency as 2.4GHz.




I ran nbench (a single-threaded benchmark) to verify that the reported speed was not due to throttling, but in both cases, the CPU speed was 2.2-2.4GHz




Which of the output values should I take as the accurate one?


Thank you!

Zhong Liang ONG


System setup:

        AMD Kaveri A10-3850K - 3.7GHz (advertised speed and dmidecode value)

        32GB DDR3-2133 RAM

        Crucial M550 240GB SSD



        Centos 7.0.1406 x86_64

        AMD Catalyst Omega 14.501.1003 driver