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    Disrepancy between CPU Frequency reported by CodeXL 1.6.7247 and dmidecode


      When running reference xhpl (LINPACK) benchmark, the CodeXL power profiler displays the CPU frequency as 2.4GHz.




      I ran nbench (a single-threaded benchmark) to verify that the reported speed was not due to throttling, but in both cases, the CPU speed was 2.2-2.4GHz




      Which of the output values should I take as the accurate one?


      Thank you!

      Zhong Liang ONG


      System setup:

              AMD Kaveri A10-3850K - 3.7GHz (advertised speed and dmidecode value)

              32GB DDR3-2133 RAM

              Crucial M550 240GB SSD



              Centos 7.0.1406 x86_64

              AMD Catalyst Omega 14.501.1003 driver