CodeXL bug (1.6-7247)

Discussion created by jason on Feb 10, 2015

Hi - don't know if this is the best place but CodeXL has a bug on the kernel occupancy report.  After performing a profiling, you are able to click this occupancy report once but as soon as you close it, it seems like the csv file gets truncated or deleted and so occupancy info for other kernels as well as the kernel who you viewed are lost.  I've reproduced this on 2 different (Linux) machines and no more should be necessary but let me know if you cannot reproduce it and I'll see if I can get you a better recipe.



Please add support of the m290X to OpenCL 2.0 drivers and amdconfig overdrive support!  I am developing a product on that and there are some very important things in OCL 2.0 with memory model consistency that are important for the product to be successful!  I'm hoping the opencl 2.0 work group functions are faster than my own implementations as well!  amdconfig / ADL (AMD display library) support is needed for health monitoring!