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Frag Shader Compile Driver Crash - While attempting to get GL_COMPILE_STATUS

Question asked by bitvenom on Feb 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2015 by bitvenom

First - I may not be able to conduct this conversation on these forums, but we've had no luck raising any assistance from ATI so far, and this is rather urgent.  So, I'll describe my issue - and then maybe I can converse more via email with somebody able to debug the issue in a build.


To start - our game (Homeworld Remastered) compiles/links a wide range of shader programs.  We use OpenGL 3.3.  A certain class of shaders however, with the latest Omega drivers have a nasty crash.  Normally, were I doing something wrong in the shader, I'd expect to get a fail with some information when queried - but in this case just attempting to get the status of the compile crashes the app.  Oddly, between calling glCompileShader and then asking for status with glGetShaderiv(fragHandle, GL_COMPILE_STATUS, &compileStatus) - we _do_ check for GL errors - so other GL calls are made.  But it's only when asking for status that things finally explode.


As such, we can't debug what about the shader is wrong. It varies in size/composition based on game settings, greatly - and is usually somewhere in the range of 500 lines long.


On fairly old drivers (14.9 WHQL) - everything works just fine.


Again, the shaders in question can't be posted here because this is a game that will ship in ~3 weeks - so I'd love to know if a more private conversation is possible.  We've been in the top 10 on Steam Pre-Sales all week, and the small private beta we've held for a recent build came back with almost _every_ ATI customer crashing.  So we consider this quite important for ourselves and our customers.


Thank you!

David Eaton - Engineer - Homeworld: Remastered