Crash in atioglxx.dll (during glDrawElementsBaseVertex)

Discussion created by magicscript on Jan 30, 2015



I've found a weird crash deep in the driver that has me completely baffled.  A glDrawElementsBaseVertex will crash if glPolygonMode is set to GL_LINE but not GL_FILL.  I've managed to reduce the problem to rendering a single frame using a different computer (running a tool to extract code to run a single frame.)  The reduced sample program I've attached crashes in the same way as my (much) larger main program.  I've also attached the code generated in case it is helpful.  The crash always happens in the same place (labeled draw 6 of 33 in frame0part00.cpp).  The glPolygonMode call is immediately after draw 4 of 33.


Running: AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series

Driver: 14.12 AMD Catalyst Omega Software


This happened on a previous driver (prompting me to update to the latest.) I regret that I did not record the previous version.


I've attached 32 bit executable, but the same problem happens in 64 bit as well.  We use Visual Studio 2010, if it is somehow relevant.