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    Catalyst Omega Driver 14.501 and Ubuntu 14.10



      For the Linux Catalyst Omega driver we have had reports of a problem, which we have replicated.


      Ubuntu 14.10 is not supported. It is possible to install the driver on a system using Ubuntu 14.10. If you do, you may get a black screen after rebooting.


      Just be careful to install the driver only if you have a supported operating systems.


      Here’s an excerpt from the release note, which is accurate.


      ... Catalyst™ Linux Software Suite is designed to support the following Linux distributions:

      Linux Distribution Specific

      ·        Red Hat Enterprise Linux Suite 7.0 , 6.5

      ·        Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, 14.04 LTS <— note 14.10 is NOT listed

      Linux RUN Installer

      ·        Red Hat Enterprise Linux Suite 6.4

      ·        SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11 SP3, 12

      ·        OpenSuSE 13.1

      ·        Ubuntu 14.04 <— note 14.10 is NOT listed


      You can see the entire release note here