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Insufficient memory windows error when profiling (1.6.7249.0)

Question asked by maxdz8 on Jan 27, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2015 by dorono

This used to appear when I try to profile my program up to a couple of days ago.

The program runs fine if not profiling. It really works fine if I just ignore the message.


Today I made some modifications resulting in a longer stream of commands and I cannot profile it anymore. The low memory errors now appears as previously but my program will just crash.


I have noticed codexl is reported as an 32-bit app in the task manager. I am using ~350MiB of VRAM and I've seen the memory usage spike at over 2 GiBs while running my program. My program is 64-bit. I see there's a sprofile.exe in the codexl\x64 directory. I have no idea which profiler is getting used but I cannot avoid asking myself if the things are related.


As a side note: this project was originally 32 bit.


Advice appreciated.