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How to enable HSA and using OpenCL at the same

Question asked by hong on Jan 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2015 by jedwards



I have installed HSA enabled kernel and hsa runtime from github

and install the cloc by which I can compile and run the helloworld example (exsiting in the cloc example files)correctly.


When I read the source code of helloworld, I think the host code is is different from OpenCL code. I wonder whether there is a new program model for HSA or the program model is still OpenCL 2.0. If it is the former one, how can I learn this new program model? Because I find that the samples in SDK3.0 claim that they use the new features of HSA. So could I run these samples correctly? If the answer is yes, how?


So far, can I just install the AMD APU driver and AMD APP SDK 3.0 to enable HSA and use OpenCL at the same time?


Thank you!