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    DEM sample on radeon R7 200 Series



      Can anyone help or suggest with?


      After secceeded bulding ( Debug and Release 32-64 ) and after running the application ( as "screenCapture.exe -o out -c exampleConfig.cfg -l 2 " ) I get a video file with few frames ( 1-4 frames from time to time ) !!!

      The under a debug mode the line

      AMF_ERROR result = mEncoder->GetNextFrame(&buffer);

      return AMF_REPEAT value.


      Also during removing remote dislpay Windows shows notification with a message of "restoring video driver after he didn't response".


      OS ver: Windows 7 64

      Driver ver: 14.501.1003

      Media SDK ver: 1.0 64-bit and 1.1 Beta 64-bit