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    Multiple render targets with multisampled textures generates a weird error in GL


      So in a context where I have 2 RGBA8 color attachments and a depth attachment, with multisampled textures ( samples = 8 ), I'm seeing a rather weird issue as in the buffers don't get cleared right.

      Sample app : Relative Benchmark MRT+MS issue.zip

      I have tested the exact same code on my Nexus 10 which supports OpenGL ES 3.1 and it runs perfectly.


      A couple of mentions :

      - I have an R9 280X, drivers at 14.12

      -if I switch to using multisampled renderbuffers, it works ok !

      -If I try the same thing in DirectX 11, it runs ok !

      -gpu perf studio shows me that at the beginning of the frame, after a clear has been performed, the multisampled texture contains stuff (colormask is 1,1,1,1)