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OpenCL + Premiere Pro CC = Crash (with catalyst omega update)

Question asked by avunaos on Jan 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by strox

So basically I'm comming here becouse after weeks of research and even making a complete format and re-install of windows, premiere, and ATI drivers, I still can't find a solution to this issue.


I have a Radeon HD 6970, and basically I can't pick "GPU acceleration (OpenCL)" in Premiere Pro CC becouse it crashes everytime it wants to playback a video... I can only pick "software only" but that option is twice as slow and it makes my work a real pain. (I work editing videos)
The weird thing is that every was working pretty fine until I updated my card drivers to the last Omega version... Any advice? I've tried a lot of possible solutions, the last one being making a complete clean install of everything.


For more information about my computer specs and some error messages I have created an entry in the official AMD forum, but got no replies
Here is the link:


Thanks a lot!