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    OpenCL newbie IDE recommendation


      I am *finally* porting my C/C++ project from Windows/Visual Studio /CUDA to Linux/OpenCL 2.0.  

      The latest Catalyst driver is installed, and we have downloaded/compiled/run the samples from  AMD APP SDK v3.0 Beta.

      My question is, what IDE(s) are people using for OpenCL/CodeXL development on Linux/Ubuntu?  We are a blank slate right now, and I'd like to lay a nice clean foundation for what will hopefully be many years of OpenCL/C/C++ programming in Linux/Ubuntu.

      Thanks for any suggestions.


      UPDATE: Jan 15, 2015

      I'm developing on the Mint flavor of Ubuntu (http://www.linuxmint.com), and I just discovered that Code::Blocks is already installed.  I'll give this a shot as an IDE.

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          I am personally using Qt Creator. It is nice fast and lean IDE which doesn't get in a way. Even thought it have Qt in a name it doesn't mean you need use Qt when developing applications. It is using qmake build system. It is also possible to use cmake if you don't want to have dependency on Qt.

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              Thanks for the Qt Creator suggestion.  My app does not need a GUI, and it seems that Qt Creator is GUI oriented.  Maybe this doesn't matter.  Does Qt have a clean link to CodeXL?


              I'll keep Qt Creator in mind, but it looks like my Visual Studio replacement on Linux questions is bigger than I originally expected.  This search may go on for a couple of weeks.  Eclipse and EMACS are 2 other options I've found.  How does Qt compare to these concerning OpenCL?

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              UPDATE: Jan 19, 2015

              Code::Blocks is kinda nice.   

              We have managed to get the Code::Blocks IDE working with OpenCL 2.0 by setting up the paths for:

                   include files in Code::Blocks's Search Directories

                   library files in Code::Blocks's Link Libraries 

              but we have not yet figured out how to set the oclflags for compiling OpenCL 2.0: -I ./ -cl -std=CL2.0

              I'll consider this IDE question answered now.