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    Dota 2 performance improvement after installing Omega Drivers


      I am writing to let you know that after the release of Omega Drivers it is now possible to play Dota 2 at all on my linux distro.
      My specs:
      Phenom II X4 965 (2010? )
      Asus ATI Radeon  7790
      4 GB ram
      generic hdd.
      Distro: Manjaro 0.8.1, testing  branch, arch based.


      Anywho, before installing the Omega Drivers I was not able to play this game at all, it used to freeze just after a game loading.

      Now it is running with 20-30 fps. Quite stable, I didn't observe any crashes, but I didn't play it for too long, because 30 fps drives me mad.
      I can get around  60-80 fps on Windows, with many background apps running.


      On a side note, this spec is able to run CS:GO (same game engine to my knowledge) on windows ~~110 fps and on the same distro of linux ~~90 fps.
      I am  wondering if the difference in fps is thanks to valve's "native" version, which is not native or is it still some issues with gpu drivers?