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Legacy drivers past 13.9?

Question asked by roabie on Dec 26, 2014

I've been looking up and down, and honestly, having a hard time since AMD's website is confusing for me to navigate and understand.


Recently purchased Dragon Age: Inquisition; which is refusing to let me play since it's detecting drivers that are below 13.12. I've tried installing the other pack, but learned that if I have legacy I should be sticking with it(from what I gathered). However, 13.9 seems to be the latest I could find. Please tell me they aren't.

And, interestingly enough, after uninstalling 13.9 and trying 13.12, the game still told me I had 13.9 even though they were removed(the way I was instructed on the official site).


I'm on a HP laptop that runs windows 7 in 64bit with 4 gb of RAM if that's necessary information.


Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum? The way these forums are setup has me confused.


edit: Forgot to add, my Radeon is a part of the 4000 series.