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power profiling in latest CodeXL 1.6.7247.0

Question asked by acekiller on Dec 19, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2014 by acekiller

Hi there. Recently I installed the latest CodeXL (v1.6.7247.0) and found that it can do power profiling, which is a good function for AMD APUs because APUs highlight energy efficiency. However, I have a little confusion on the power profiler's counter: the CPU Compute Unit 0 power and CPU Compute Unit 1 Power.profiler.png

This is the power profiling results for teapot example. it only shows the CPU CU0 and CPU CU1 power. I also checked the documentation and found that they only provide CU0 and CU1 profiling. As I understand, each CPU core is a CU, why CU2 and CU3 are missing in this case? Or I understand no in a correct way? Thanks for any kind help.