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    CPU instructions not accurately profiled


      Hello everyone,


      I've been using codeXL for a while, and it works pretty good, except for source code viewing,

      when most of the time I see that just one single instruction takes most of the execution time.

      See the attached pic, where one instruction (out of 20), INC EBP, gets 84%, which is highly unlikely.

      Is that a bug in codeXL and can I do something about it?


      inc ebp.png

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          Ah, I think I understand now how one single instruction could be taking so much time.

          Since I'm writing to random addresses, the cache is not utilized efficiently.

          I'm a beginner in profiling, this is my best guess so far.


          If that is the case, the problematic instruction should probably be at

          0x1141F69 mov [edx+4],ebp, and not inc ebp at 0x1141F6C.