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Open Hardware Platforms for Solution Development

Question asked by faddat on Dec 11, 2014
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AMD is down, but not out.  Lucky for everyone there are some gaps in the marketplace that AMD is more than capable of filling well.   I'm in the business of open mobile platforms.  What I mean by this is that I'm in the planning stages of building a common, 100% open laptop/smartphone/tablet platform.  Mediatek still keeps their best designs proprietary.  Intel doesn't write back.  Rockchip doesn't seem interested in speaking with non-Chinese, even if you're speaking Chinese.


Here's my concept:


Naked Hardware for MiniPC-that-doubles-as-a-router, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet form factors.  Today when Hardware is sold it is ususally sold bundled with software.  Unfortunatley this leaves a fragmented computing landscape, and developers need to bridge that gap.  This platform would enable developers to actually begin with hardware for their applications.  I think that there is massive volume potential in full-PC (re-programmable- you can do dev work on it)  capabilities in all form factors at the sub-$200 price point.  The global sales potential is huge and the humanitarian need is pressing.  Folks we are building a digital world and leaving out more than half of the world's population.

I have the software for the platform.  What I need right now is a board.


I could really use to speak to someone at AMD about the upcoming ARM cpus and current/upcoming x86 options.


Do you think that there's potential in this plan?  Who at AMD do I call?