Updated AMD OpenCL user’s guide – provide your feedback

Discussion created by pinform on Dec 10, 2014
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Recently, we re-purposed the AMD OpenCL programmer’s guide into two documents:

  • The AMD OpenCL user’s guide, containing relevant OpenCL information for basic users
  • The AMD OpenCL optimization guide, containing optimization guidelines for advanced users

While we have updated the AMD OpenCL optimization guide with relevant updates within the scope of the AMD APP SDK 3.0 Beta, I wanted to solicit feedback on the document.

We also made significant enhancements to the AMD OpenCL user’s guide including:

  • Relevant information about the GCN family of devices
  • In-depth information and examples on how to build host and device programs in a variety of ways
  • A high-level summary of the new CodeXL for OpenCL code debugging and profiling
  • A new chapter containing insights about each OpenCL 2.0 feature along with usage guidelines
  • New appendices on new and deprecated functions in OpenCL 2.0 and on SPIR
  • Updated OpenCL optional extensions

We are continuing to update the user guide and the optimization guide to provide the most relevant and updated information to OpenCL developers the world across. 

Your kudos, complaints, and suggestions will let us know how we are doing and will help define future updates.

Thanks in advance for your help.