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Hardware accelerated decoder

Question asked by arteco-developers on Dec 4, 2014

Hi to all,

    we have been developing an h264 decoder which uses the graphic card as hardware accelerator.  The main goal is having multiple

                instances of such a decoder and, at the same time, the graphic card must render uncompressed frames.

                For this task we chose DXVA2 coupled with DirectX9.

                In latest tests we have bought two AMD R9 200 graphic cards and enabled the crossfire feature between them and tested our application

                with some H264 streams. More precisely we tested up to six h264 streams each at Full HD resolution and 25 frames per second.

                Here come our issues.

                With only one stream we noticed a little of stuttering and the more streams we activated the worse the stuttering was: by using

                ProcessExplorer we discovered that only 3 of 20 nodes of the card were used.

                In these forums we have found other people who developed hardware accelerated decoder but by using DXVA2 coupled with DirectX11 so

                do we have to move toward this platform? If not does anyone have any suggestion for improving our decoder?


Thanks a lot forn any hints and tips in advance.