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g-truc samples + CodeXL

Question asked by amhagan on Nov 28, 2014

I am trying to run some of the g-truc OpenGL samples through CodeXL and every time I pause the application, I get a gdb error..


The program being debugged was signaled while in a function called from GDB.\nGDB remains in the frame where the signal was received.\nTo change this behavior use \"set unwindonsignal on\".\nEvaluation of the expression containing the function\n(gaUpdateCurrentThreadRenderContextDataSnapshotStub()) will be abandoned.\nWhen the function is done executing, GDB will silently stop.

I have tried creating an .gdbinit file (global level, application level, etc) with "set unwindonsignal on", but I still get the error message every time.

Does anybody have any suggestions for setting this, or getting the g-truc samples to run.

Thanks !