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DOPP PresentTextureToVideo not working

Question asked by mhtuc on Nov 26, 2014
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I'm trying to get the DOPPEfectOpenGL from the DOPP SDK 1.0 working. Using the capture window works nicely, but I never get the effect applied to the full output. I've added some debug outputs to the sample code. The display texture is ID 1, the present texture is ID 2, both have the correct resolution matching my desktop. wglPresentTextureToVideoAMD() is called every frame, wglEnablePostProcessAMD(true) is called once, and there are never any GL errors.


System setup is:

FirePro W9000 wirh latest drivers: Catalyst Pro, 14.301.1010 from Nov 18.

Win7 64Bit,

DOPP is enabled via DOPPenable.exe as admin

I've checked with a 2x2 Eyfinity Group as well as a single display setup.


Is there something I'm missing? Or something I could try?